Credit Score! What Are You Aware About This?

  • by Akma Aude
  • 2 Years ago
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There might be a lot confusion with regards to the terms for example credit score, credit rating or credit status. The aim of this information is to provide you with more understanding of this is of these terminologies and just how they affect you like a prospective customer.

Let us begin with the issue of what’s credit score or credit rating? It is really an independent or individual record look at a person’s capability to pay back financing or debt according to your previous borrowing and repayment history.

A couple of things to notice here: first of all, the term independent or individual, meaning a person’s assessment of credit history, differs from one loan provider to a different, so essentially each company features its own criteria to determine whether or not this will lend you cash or otherwise and just how much risk they are prepared to take. Another factor to notice is “Previous borrowing and repayment history”, this is exactly what known as your credit report – it belongs to the data held in regards to you by Credit Reference Agencies detailing how bad or good you’ve handled credit previously.

Who’re Credit Reference Agencies?

They are commercial companies which collect information or data from numerous sources like the electoral roll, county court judgments along with other banking institutions. This post is offered to lenders that really help them within their look at your credit history or just how much they are prepared to lend you, if they’ll. You will find three credit reference agencies within the Uk, they are: Equifax, Experian and Call Credit.

What information do credit reporting agencies hold about me?

A few of the information which credit reference agencies hold a good individual includes:

· Name and Birth date

· The Electoral Register

· County Court Judgments

· Credit Payment History

· Personal bankruptcy & Administration orders

· House repossession… e.t.c

The most crucial of the information is your credit/repayment history which states your credit accounts, the account opening date, amount borrowed and just how frequently you are making payments. The data regarding your credit account takes place inside your record for around six year following the account continues to be settled. It will likewise be great to create reference to some good info the loan agencies havenrrrt heard of you for example: Criminal history records, Fines, Checking Account, details about family people, Student Education Loans e.t.c.

So, What’s My credit score?

Thatrrrs the true question many people will like to locate a straight response to, thinking most likely that there’s a listing somewhere showing people’s name as well as their credit scores, really there’s no such list available, not any place in the world, neither can there be any blacklist of individuals with poor credit rating. The operation is simple, lenders use information from credit reference agencies to evaluate how good you’ve handled credit previously ( This is whats called Credit Assessment ), each loan provider analyses the data based on its very own rules, which means you might be switched lower by one company but recognized by another. The bottom line is, you credit score differs from lenders to lenders. However if you haven’t handled credit correctly previously, this can show in your credit score file held in the credit reference agencies and could lower your possibility of getting loan from lenders once they consult the companies.

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