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Preparing for Christmas Presents on a Tight Financial Budget

  • by Akma Aude
  • 5 Months ago
  • Finance

As November hits its stride, Christmas lights are being turned on in town and city centres across the country and the Christmas ads are on the telly. It really is time to start getting excited about all that December brings. For some people, however, Christmas brings with it extra pressure that just isn’t around the rest of the year. If you are struggling financially it can be hard to put together a special Christmas that delivers everything that you could ever want for you, your family and friends.

There is no need to suffer from Christmas anxiety however, with a few helpful tips making a Christmas budget go further.

The first thing to consider is how early you start purchasing both food and gifts. There are certain items that you can order well in advance, including the Christmas turkey for dinner. Other items for the festive period can be purchased in bulk, or at times when they are in discount throughout the year and saved for that period alone. This can include all drinks (alcoholic and soft), snacks and other items that are used to celebrate at Christmas.

In terms of gifts, it depends on your situation and the amount of people you are buying for. If you have a large family, or friends with children, maybe suggest a pact where the adults don’t buy for each other and only the kids receive presents at Christmas. Alternatively, why not get the whole family involved in making gifts by hand for certain people. This is a nice touch that can go a long way as a pleasant gesture when money is tight. Another way to deal with the anxiety of Christmas present shopping is to limit each person to the amount of gifts they will buy and receive. This takes the pressure away from everyone in the family.

If you are worried about having enough spare cash to make the most of Christmas this year it is something you can plan for in advance, with a solid saving plan that allows you to plan for next year now. Even a small payment each month can go some way to helping you out, and once you’re in the habit it is difficult to stop (in a positive way).

In some cases you could be able to seek some short-term financial assistance. This could be from a close family member or friend to help you buy a few little touches extra for Christmas. You could also seek the assistance of a payday loan service. The advice for using a financial product of this nature is to always seek out a responsible short-term lender, one that offers a completely transparent service, and had a robust credit assessment process that ensures you will only be awarded a loan if it is clear that you have the means with which to pay it back in total (including interest and fees) either next payday, or within the time limit of the agreement.

Christmas is about fun, family time and festivities, but it should never be at the price of financial restrictions and unmanageable debt.

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